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Our multi-purpose bags are ideal for dog poop, diapers, sanitary products, medical waste and much more. These 100% home compostable bags are supplied on a roll and can be popped into your bag for everyday convenience.


The use of plastic straws has been a hot topic recently after being banned in numerous places around the world. Our PLA straws are a great alternative to plastic, making them an ideal & environmentally friendly replacement.


Certified compostable Cling Wrap is almost here! This incredible biodegradable product has been FDA Approved, DIN CERTCO certified and carries the CE mark. It is freezer safe, BPA Free and non-toxic. Ideal for sealing food, containing coffee in an open mug and much more…

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Restaurant/Bar Supplies

  • Vaccum seal/Freezer bags for cooking
  • Piping bags for Baking and icing cakes
  • Gloves and Hairnets 
  • Commercial size cling wrap
  • To-go Containers/Cups/Lids/Tablewares
  • Garbage bags of all sizes

bar and restaurant supplies, kitchen supplies, biodegradable plastic alternatives

Hotel/Travel Supplies

  • Toothbrushes
  • Disposable Razors
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles
  • Water bottles

Industrial Packaging

  • PLA Shrink wrap

biodegradable plastic alternative. 


Garbage Bags of All Sizes

Certified 100% Compostable 100% Biodegradable

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Bonnie Biodegradable (Pty) Ltd T/A Bonnie Bio endeavors to make a difference with our corn starch certified compostable and biodegradable products. Our range includes multi-purpose bags (good for dog poop, used diapers, sanitary and medical waste), refuse bags, single-use carrier bags as well as our PLA straws of various sizes. Our products are all made from natural corn and vegetable ingredients with no chemical additives to ensure non-toxicity and allow for complete composting and biodegradability, yet they are as sturdy as traditional plastic. They are incredibly environmentally friendly as they break down back to CO2, water and biomass, which are renewable resources and they don’t leak any toxins into the environment whilst breaking down. We even use soy-based ink to print, which is eco-friendly. bar and restaurant supplies, kitchen supplies, biodegradable plastic alternatives. 


Your customer won’t be able to tell the difference.

Our Bonnie Bio corn starch compostable & biodegradable products deliver just like
petroleum-based plastic but they decompose like paper. The best of both worlds and for our planet!

Within 3 months, 90% of Bonnie Bio’s certified corn starch compostable and biodegradable plastic alternatives will decompose, without any toxins leaching into the earth. Our products look, feel and deliver like traditional plastic, without the lengthy decomposition rate.

What are we made of?



As the name implies, corn starch biodegradable & compostable products are made from corn starch. PLA (polyactic acid) is typically made from the sugars in corn starch (as is the case with Bonnie Bio’s certified compostable & biodegradable plastic alternatives range), cassava or sugarcane. It is biodegradable, carbon-neutral and edible. To transform corn into plastic, corn kernels are immersed in sulfur dioxide and hot water, where its components break down into starch, protein, and fiber.

The starch is comprised of long chains of carbon molecules, similar to the carbon chains in plastic from fossil fuels. Biodegradable plastics take three to six months to decompose fully. That’s much quicker than synthetic counterparts that can take several hundred years. Exactly how long a biodegradable product takes to break down depends on various factors, such as temperature, the amount of moisture and oxygen present.

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